Kelsey Bambara MSN, MHL, RN-BC


Kelsey Bambara is currently a homemaker, who continues her passion for process improvement, the importance of informatics in healthcare, innovation, and continuous learning. She recently completed her second master’s degree and plays an active role in her local ANIA chapter. Kelsey has been a nurse for 18 years, with the majority of her bedside nursing experience as a cardiovascular ICU nurse. She started in informatics in 2009 and has been ANCC board-certified in informatics since 2014. Her informatics experience spans various entities such as registration, patient accounts, environmental services, laboratory, pharmacy, inpatient, PT/OT, respiratory therapy, and accountable care organizations. Along with her informatics experiences, Kelsey pursued a career working in the lean promotion office at the University of Kansas of Health System. She worked as both a senior lean specialist and value stream manager. Her experience in the lean promotion office provided her with experience in utilizing lean processes in both the inpatient and ambulatory care settings. In addition to Kelsey’s master’s degree in informatics, she recently earned her second master’s degree in health leadership. As a member of the ANIA Heart of America Chapter, Kelsey spent the last year as a president-elect and is currently holding the role of president.