James Divis BSN, RN

Jim Divis works as a Senior Clinical Informatics Manager for Providence St. Joseph Health in Spokane, Washington. Jim began his work in Health Care in 1982 and has worked as an OR circulator, ER Nurse, Endoscopy Nurse, CCU Nurse, Manager of Surgical Services, and Hospital Nursing Supervisor. Jim’s experience working with computers in healthcare started in the mid-80s on program databases for procedural areas in order to track disposable equipment. He began working with the electronic health record in 1996. While working to implement electronic solutions, including lab systems, medication dispensing systems, and the EHR itself, Jim realized that optimal adoption needed to include change management. In the early 2000s Jim began to use his experiences to refine a system of rounding which he has successfully implemented and taught to informaticists that support 6 hospitals and over 100 clinics.