Ingrid Hilghman DNP, RN, NI-BC, CPST

Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, College of Nursing

Dr. Ingrid Hilghman is an assistant professor at Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Nursing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the program director for the graduate-level nursing informatics track and has been full-time faculty since 2014. She has been a nurse for over 27 years and transitioned from bedside nursing to become a professional development specialist and nursing informaticist after obtaining her MSN in Nursing Informatics. During that time, she worked on clinical systems implementations and upgrades along with teaching clinical documentation classes for the hospital’s nursing orientation before joining the college of nursing. Dr. Hilghman obtained her DNP from Quinnipiac University in 2018 and has participated in the Teaching for Quality faculty development program sponsored by the Association of America Medical Colleges. For the past few years, she has taught for the hospital’s nurse residency program to enhance new-to-practice nurses’ understanding of the role of informatics. She has served as treasurer to the Greater Delaware Valley chapter of ANIA and has been a member of the conference planning committee. In 2020, she was elected as the chapter president.