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P49 - Multidisciplinary Rounding: How to Standardize and Use EHR for Documentation  

Multidisciplinary rounds are used to address barriers to discharge, decrease length of stay, and decrease patients boarding in ED. Many units and facilities within our healthcare system are/were conducting multidisciplinary rounds, but there was no standardization to the process or the way the rounds were being documented. We created a team to work on standardizing the process and determining how to document that the multidisciplinary rounds occurred. This team consisted of nursing, social work, care coordination, and informatics. This team was charged with developing a toolkit to foster standardization, EHR documentation, and training. Initial work was to determine who should be conducting these rounds, when these rounds should be conducted, and where these rounds should be conducted. Once the who, when, and where were determined, the team began putting specific expectations of what the content of the multidisciplinary rounds needed to be. All of these things were laid out in an electronic toolkit for users. We also developed a multidisciplinary rounding list for each unit in our EHR with vital information to be seen and discussed in the rounds. We also created a way to have some documentation on key elements for the rounds in the EHR. We developed a metric dashboard to monitor compliance with multidisciplinary rounds. Lastly, we have created videos to use for training all employees to ensure standardization in conducting and documenting rounds. The poster will also show how that LOS was affected as well as increased compliance in conducting the rounds with key disciplines involved.


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