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P46 - Applying Chatbots to Improve the Effectiveness of College Students' Autonomous Learning

Introduction: During the school learning process, students often need to inquire about relevant subject knowledge and school information-related resources and information. They may receive very little information due to the complexity of the inquiry process and often do not know from which department to inquire about information. Sometimes they may forget to ask the question and neglect some parts. Thanks to the vigorous development of technology, we can quickly obtain information. Knowing the chat robot also brings great advantages. I wanted to apply it to various problems of Hongguang freshmen. The difficulties that each freshman may encounter could be solved quickly, and at the same time, they could adapt to a new life as soon as possible, reducing the situations where administrative staff would answer the phone and provide help.

Method: Select the freshmen of the nursing department as the subjects, use the questionnaire mode to collect the general question direction needed, obtain relevant information through the department office of the nursing department and the school website, and build the information into the line chat robot.

Result: A total of 37 questionnaires were answered, and of the satisfaction scores provided on "school resources," "school map list," "graduation credits, " "scholarships," and "keywords" most were very satisfied and 91.6% were satisfied.

Conclusion: When dealing with the questionnaire, many people encouraged us. We included a navigation map so that students can get to know each building. The biggest problem in the process is the direction of data collection. After completing the questionnaire, the direction can be determined including if you want to cross the university. When it comes to details, it is necessary to cooperate with various departments, and at the same time, it must be managed by someone.


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