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P37 - Multimodal Faculty Guide in Integration of Informatics/Digital Health and Reflection/Clinical Judgment in Teaching and Learning Strategies  

Nurse educators need strategies to incorporate the theoretical foundation for the teaching of informatics/digital health and reflection/clinical judgment in their teaching approach, Using and combining various existing theoretical models to create a faculty guide in developing learning activities that integrate informatics/digital health and reflection/clinical judgment framework can serve as a tool in promoting and incorporating informatics and clinical judgment in nursing education.

Evidence-based practice
Purpose: Using this matrix, faculty can incorporate both informatics/digital health and reflection/clinical judgment in the development of the teaching and learning strategies in their program or course.

Method: Designing a framework of a multimodal combination of existing models that included informatics, reflective model, and clinical judgment is a strategy that can integrate informatics and promote clinical judgment in the learning environment. Several conceptual models were used to create a structural framework in the development of the matrix guide. Bloom’s taxonomy action verbs were added to serve as a guide in outlining the teaching and learning approach.

Results: The multimodal matrix specifies four conceptual models that can be applied to teaching practice that could generate a comprehensive guide of how educators develop learning activities and objectives that demonstrate structured, higher-order thinking skills, incorporate informatics, and exemplify reflection.

Conclusion/implications: The matrix can be used in developing a rubric in various courses. The application of this matrix can go beyond the classroom environment. Apply to simulation, clinical settings describing types of healthcare technologies used in care settings, processing of data and health information, thus influencing care outcomes. The matrix can be integrated in learning management system and used as a guide for course development. Contribute to new and unique outcome/outcome development. Easy matrix for new faculty teaching informatics/digital health and reflection/clinical judgment.


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