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P34 - Care Beyond the Clinical Walls: Supporting Maternal Health across the Pregnancy Continuum

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled healthcare professionals to innovate care delivery without compromising the quality and integrity of patient-provider relationships. Telehealth tools have assisted in bridging the gap in fostering connectedness with real-time information, education, and individualized care planning for patients and their families. In an effort to empower patients and support clinicians in the care of expectant parents through education and advocacy, this project looks to facilitate health promotion through an integrated, interactive, and dynamic electronic care plan application for the obstetric patient from pre-conception to delivery. Enhancing the clinician digital experience, this feature also provides clinicians a workflow that is standardized, efficient, and customizable based on patient needs. Transforming the patient digital experience, the aim of this initiative was to provide user-friendly guidance and resources through accessible technology. The presenters evaluate the use and engagement of an innovative, patient communications platform.

Reporting data include, but are not limited to: 1) data models for obstetric outpatient care with respect to care plan and program enrollment and attrition rates; 2) patient-task generation, reinforcing pregnancy-related screening, testing, vaccinations, newborn care education, and access to location-specific hospital and community resources; 3) survey results of patient experience, ease-of-use with the feature, and satisfaction with the desired information; 4) patient engagement (i.e., task completion and education understanding attestation); 5) clinician decision support design and logic configuration for suggesting care plans and educational content based on gestational age range; 5) workflow and build; 6) content acquisition processes; 7) implementation strategy; 8) opportunities for improvements to better understand trending (i.e. increasing adoption and engagement over time).


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