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Simulation-Based Usability Testing Methods Support Nurses' Safe Transition between Bar Code Medication Administration Systems

Credits: None available.

Take advantage of this NEW continuing nursing education opportunity! Enhance your knowledge by reviewing poster content from the 2019 conference. Posters in this package focus on areas related to quality improvement and patient outcomes, including the impact of clinical information systems on patient care; the role of clinical decision support systems in driving evidence-based practice, and the development of new/emerging trends for patient engagement in a technology-laden environment.



Credits: None available.

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Jamie Hawkins
8/7/20 1:30 pm

We use simulation based training for nursing staff that administer medications. Most recently, as part of our COVID-Surg training, we had many nurses that have never used barcode technology in their practice. Using simulation based training exceeded their expectations in training and education part of BCMA in prep for their roles as Inpatient nurses. We love it here!! While I am all about the flexibility of virtual or blended learning, this allows users the ability to foster questions that they may not otherwise asked to their colleagues once they get to the floor.