Troy Seagondollar MSN-I, RN-BC, CPHIT, CPEHR

Troy Seagondollar is a certified informatics nurse specialist who works for Kaiser Permanente in southern California as a Regional Nurse Technology Liaison. He has been an RN for 25 years, an informatics nurse for 10 years, and an informatics nurse specialist for 7 years. In his numerous roles as an informatics nurse with Kaiser Permanente, he has helped develop and implement the largest private electronic health records system in the US and continues to help optimize that system. In addition, he assists with the integration of new and developing technologies that ease the workload on caregivers while improving patient outcomes. In November 2013, Troy was appointed to a 3-year term on the Health Information Technology Policy Committee in Washington DC as the national representative for labor and is currently the only RN member on the committee.