Tim Buhl PharmD

Tim Buhl is the Director of Inpatient Pharmacy at the Kaiser Permanente Orange County – Anaheim Medical Center. His background includes work as a staff pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, and manager in inpatient hospitals, outpatient pharmacies, and home health pharmacies. His work with the electronic medical record in Orange County (CHAMPS) helped him understand the importance of utilizing the computerized electronic record to assure that providers followed clinical guidelines consistently through the use of standardized order sets and computer prompts. It also showed the power of utilizing the electronic data bases to data mine patient records to identify variations in provider practices as well as assuring that procedures, clinical guidelines, and best practices were universally observed. He works to improve HealthConnect functionality through the Tiger Team, which oversees building of HealthConnect order sets and alerts to physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. His focus is to maximize the capabilities of electronic assets (PYXIS,  Medmined, etc.) to overcome human factors.  Tim received his BS in chemistry and MS in organic chemistry from the University of California, Riverside, and PharmD from the University of California, San Francisco.