Rhonda Schoville MSBA, BSN, RN

Rhonda Schoville has over 28 years of nursing practice including various ICUs such as critical care medicine, and pediatric ICU, general/emergency trauma, endocrine, and orthopedics, combined with multiple management positions. For the past 16 years she has practiced as the Manager of Nursing Information Services. This work requires the creation and sustainment of information management systems that support the ideal patient care experience. Her work includes evaluating the IM design, implementation, and evaluation of the technology to ensure excellent patient care is achievable through these tools. This work requires her to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure interoperability of IM tools and programs such as cardiac monitors, the electronic health record, acuity systems, and financial systems. This work requires representing the nursing department with hospital-wide groups and vendors to ensure safety standards are met.