Karen Jones BSN, RN, CPC

Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law

Karen Jones received her nursing degree with a minor of psychology from Radford University in 1994. She pursued her nursing degree and has been in nursing for over 17 years, working in the areas of care management, corrections, community health, and practice management, where advocacy and caring go hand in hand. Currently, Karen is the clinical informatics lead/director of project management for Memorial Regional Medical Center and Richmond Community Hospital in Virginia.
Karen received her Master of Jurisprudence Degree in Health Law from Loyola University in August 2013. She shares information gained from her Master’s Program to bring awareness of policy, procedures, and regulatory standards as it relates to the electronic health record.

Karen’s goal is to utilize her past and present experiences to advocate, create, and educate staff regarding policies and procedures, patient safety, privacy, and liability issues with electronic health records.