Hugo Campos

Hugo Campos is a thought-leading crusader in the ePatient movement and a vocal advocate for the rights of patients with pacemakers and implantable defibrillators to gain electronic access to their health data.

A proponent of patient autonomy, Hugo has spoken at TEDx and has been featured on NPR and in The Wall Street Journal. He is an Emeritus Member of the Stanford Medicine X ePatient Advisory Board; Patient co-investigator and co-chair of the Stakeholder Advisory Board for the National Steering Committee for pSCANNER, which stands for Patient-Centered SCAlable National Network for Effectiveness Research, and one of thirteen clinical data research networks that are a part of PCORNet (the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network). Mr. Campos is a former advisory board member for the UC San Diego Calit2 Health Data Exploration Project: Personal Data for the Public Good; and former member-at large for the Executive Committee of the Society for Participatory Medicine. In July of last year, he was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change for Precision Medicine for his data liberation advocacy.