Cynthia Ann Powers DNP, MS, RN

Dr. Cynthia Powers is the Director of Ambulatory Work Standardization for Clinical Operations at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Prior to this, she was a Clinical Administrative Director with direct oversight of three large ambulatory centers.

Beginning in 2012 Dr. Powers represented clinical operations by participating in the development and “teaching” of a cognitive computing system in a large oncology setting. She worked in conjunction with institutional stakeholders as well as the software team for almost two years to prepare the system for use in a clinical setting. The system was piloted in 2014 by providers, nurses, and financial staff in a large ambulatory specialty center. A total of 22 touch points in the work flow were identified to measure the use of the cognitive computing system compared to baseline time elements. The results from the pilot were then compiled and examined to determine value and cost savings. She is excited to speak today about cognitive computing systems.