A Day in the Life of a Nurse Informaticist: Paper to Publication: Converting a Presentation or an Academic Paper to a Publication Manuscript

Identification: jin_18N3_A5
Volume: 3
Issue: 3


Contributing to the advancement of informatics, including the development and sharing, or dissemination of knowledge according to the American Nurses Association (2015). If you have recently written papers – especially at the graduate level – or if you have presented either a podium or poster presentation, then you have a head start in publishing an article. The material from your class or presentation will often include information that is relevant to current practice and is well worth the time and efforts of modifying it so that you can publish your work. By publishing, you are helping others who are currently in the profession and those in school. Using your assignment or presentation will provide a strong start for a published article, including references available will make this less challenging.

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