Kelly Aldrich DNP, MS, RN-BC

Dr. Kelly Aldrich is an Informatics Nurse Specialist and the Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at The Center for Medical Interoperability in Nashville, Tennessee. She has served over 35 years in healthcare clinical, leadership, education, and informatics roles and is known as a visionary Nursing Informatics Executive leader.  Dr. Aldrich is regarded for her innovative solutions, dedication to providing a bridge between nursing practice and technology solutions that best support current patient care practices, as well as finding new solutions to solve care environment interoperability hazards and the burdens today's healthcare teams face. Prior to joining The Center, Dr. Aldrich was the Inagural Chief Nursing Informatics Officer for HCA. She serves on the National Nursing Informatics HIMSS council, co-chairs the Health IT Policy work group for the Big Data Science Nursing Knowledge work from the University of Minnesota, is a board member for the local chapter of Tennessee HIMSS, and still finds time to teach informatics at Vanderbilt University‚Äôs School of Nursing.